Severed Wings Australian Stories Bomber Command book
  • Severed Wings Australian Stories Bomber Command book

Severed Wings Australian Stories Bomber Command


Severed Wings by R Creelman


The focus of this book is a group of young men (majority Australian RAAF) who were the crew of Lancaster P for Peter of 150 Squadron Bomber Command WW2. They tell their stories mostly in their own words.

“The flak shell that brought down Lancaster PB 853 exploded very close to the starboard side of the aircraft. The blast blew the rear hatch inwards, and the hatch was sucked out into the slip stream. Shell fragments caused damage to vital functions; both starboard engines received hits and fuel lines were damaged; the result was fuel onto hot open manifolds; therefore fire. The hydraulic pump located on number three engine starboard side was one of the burning Merlins, so hydraulics were out and the gun turrets could not be moved or could only be moved by hand. Control of the aircraft was becoming increasingly difficult.”

The story told here began in Australia with young men whose time coincided with the catastrophe that we know as the Second World War. Barely into their adulthood they volunteered to serve in the Royal Australian Air Force and after selection were trained for over two years in the skills necessary to fly, navigate, defend and deliver high explosives onto the enemy. Those selected represented the best the country had to offer and just being selected was an accomplishment.

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