South Pacific Air War Volume 3 Coral Sea & Aftermath May-June 1942

South Pacific Air War Volume 3 Coral Sea & Aftermath May-June 1942


South Pacific Air War Volume 3 Coral Sea & Aftermath May-June 1942 by M Claringbould P Ingman

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This book South Pacific Air War Volume 3 is the third part of this ever popular series, details the Battle of Coral Sea 4–8 May 1942 - often referred to as the sea battle that helped save Australia.

These books are noted for the expert detailed narrative together with some of the best illustrative art work to be found in a book for years.

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The Battle of Coral Sea was a turning point during World War II in that it was the first time that the Japanese advance was halted.

Although technically the battle was said to be a draw. It was the first carrier versus carrier conflict of the war. The US Carrier Lexington, was lost and total killed for the Allied forces was 543. The Japanese, the battle losses included the carrier Shoho, one destroyer, and 1,074 killed.


The Battle is followed in chronological date order, detailed narrative of the Battle are provided in 17 chapters, these are some of headings See pic above for contents page;
Tulagi Invaded
Morning Carrier Strikes May 7
Craces Ordeal
Hara's High-Stakes
USN Carrier a Strike May 8
IJN Carrier a Strike May 8
Defenses of New Caledonia, The New Hebrides, Fiji and Townsville.

Valuable information is located in the appendices including Allied aircraft losses and fatalities.
Japanese aircraft losses and fatalities, cumulative aircraft losses and fatalities... quantity table.
Important for identification and modeling, three way aircraft profiles are provided of the AiraCobra P 30 9D, Lockheed F4 Lightning, Mitsubishi Babs C-5 M2.
Vought Kingfisher, Watanabe Slim.
Side profiles of Allied aircraft include Lockheed Lodestar, Douglas C 39, Boeing B-17 C, Boeing B-17 E, North American O47 A, Martin B 26, North American B 25C( several variants of livery shown), Curtis P 40 E, Lockheed Hudson, Vickers Vincent, Consolidated PBY5 Catalina,  Bell P39, Bell P 400 ( several variants of livery shown), Dauntless, Devastator, F4 Wildcat, J2 F5 Duck,
Japanese aircraft profiles side view,
Mitsubishi G4 M1, Mitsubishi G3 M2, Aichi E 13, Nakajima E8 Dave, Furutaka, Mitsubishi F1 M2 Kiyokawa, Zuikaku Kate, A 5M2Claude, Zuikaku  Vail tail, Zuikaku A6M2   Zero
( several variants of livery shown), Shoho,

Numerous illustrations and Maps complement the narrative.

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