South Pacific Air War Volume 4 Buna Milne Bay 1942

South Pacific Air War Volume 4 Buna Milne Bay 1942


South Pacific Air War Volume 4 Buna Milne Bay September 1942 by M Claringbould P Ingman

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South Pacific Air War Volume 4 records Battle of Milne Bay and Buna September 1942.

These books are noted for the expert detailed narrative together with some of the best illustrative art work to be found in a military book for years.


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The Japanese landed at both Buna and Milne Bay. For the first time, airpower in the theatre was tasked to support the land forces of both sides which became engaged in a bloody struggle in the mountains of Papua and then the narrow muddy quagmire of Milne Bay.

Two veteran Japanese air groups, the Tainan and No. 4 Kokutai, continued their herculean struggle against mounting Allied opposition. In the face of continued attrition, Japanese pilots had many notable successes including several coveted aerial victories against B-17s. Then, from August a plethora of fresh Japanese units arrived in theatre including the No. 2, No. 6, Chitose, Misawa and Kisarazu Kokutai. USAAF P-39s and RAAF P-40Es responded with low level close support missions and B-25s, B-26s and B-17s ramped up an unrelenting bombing campaign.

Towards the end of the period A-20A Strafers made their combat debut, portending a radical blueprint for future attack tactics in the theatre. Never before has this campaign been chronicled in such detail, with Allied accounts matched against Japanese records for a truly factual account of the conflict.

Stories included in the book are titled;

Night Raids Operations 19-30 June 1942
Independence Day Operations July
Buna Landing End July 1942
Target Townsville , Solomons North Queensland
150 Bombers Destroyed
D Day Solomons
Prelude Milne Bay
Buna Resupplied

Tainan Ku Annihilated
Aircraft Losses & Fatalities

Numerous illustrations and Maps complement the narrative.

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