Pacific Profiles Volume 4 Book Corsair Fighter

Pacific Profiles Volume Four Vought F4U Corsair Series Solomons Theatre 1943-1944

Pacific Profiles Volume Four Vought F4U Corsair Series Solomons Theatre 1943-1944 by M. Claringbould
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 The Pacific Profiles series presents the most accurate WWII profiles to date of aircraft which served in the Pacific theatre.

Volume Four
focuses on the US Navy, US Marine Corps and RNZAF squadrons which operated land-based F4U series Corsair fighters throughout the Solomons theatre from February 1943 onwards. The distinctive markings schemes, unit heraldry and nose art varied considerably between models and squadrons, the latter of which developed their own particular markings themes and patterns.

This volume illustrates the precise markings of each Corsair squadron, from the early "birdcage" F4U-1 series through to the later F4U-1A "bubble" canopy models. The profiles are accompanied by supporting photos along with a brief history of each unit. A wide range of reference material was sourced to illustrate each profile, including colour movie film, post-war wreck surveys, official records, diaries and hundreds of photos. Includes Pappy Boyington's well-known F4U Corsair Black Sheep Squadron.

Unit insignia, camouflage and command markings varied considerably from unit to unit, giving a wide variety of colour, heraldry and markings.

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The profiles are, based on photos, US military documents, Allied intelligence reports and post-war wreck investigations, are accompanied by brief histories of each relevant unit and explanations of their role in the theatre. Available period photos are also displayed.

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