Strong to Serve Australian Spitfire Pilot

Strong to Serve An Australian Spitfire Pilot's war over Europe by Joseph Mack
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Fred Riley was enlisted under the Empire Air Training Scheme pilot course in Australia. Further training was undertaken in Canada and the UK. After successfully obtaining his wings he flew Spitfires with 130 Squadron RAF from October 1943 until December 1944. Flying the Spitfire Mk.V, he escorted bombers, flew fighter sweeps, and undertook hazardous patrols on D-Day. He was one of a few Australian pilots to fly combat missions on D Day.
With a new Spitfire Mk.XIV, Fred intercepted V-1 flying bombs aimed at London. Later, from the Netherlands and Belgium, he conducted anti jet and low-level sorties over those countries and into Germany. During one such flight, Fred and his colleagues were surprised by a superior force of Luftwaffe fighters.

Fred’s logbook records historically significant names, places and events. He served with notable aces, escorted General Eisenhower, and protected transport aircraft during Operation Market Garden. The logbook ends on 22 December 1944 – Fred was shot down and severely injured while supporting beleaguered American forces.

This is his story....

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