Going Solo Raaf book

Going Solo The Royal Australian Air Force 1946-1971 book

Going Solo The Royal Australian Air Force 1946-1971 by Dr Alan Stephens

Going Solo by Dr Alan Stephens the history of the RAAF in the post-World War II years from 1946 to 1971. Published in 1995, Going Solo starts with the extraordinary period of mass demobilisation that followed the war. This was a time of government indifference to military service, and of severe reductions in resources. But the combination of Cold War tensions, Australia’s commitments to the conflicts in Korea, Malaya, Indonesia and Vietnam, and the military-technological revolution epitomised by jet aircraft and missiles, dramatically reversed this attitude. Simultaneously, shifts in international politics made it clear that Australia’s defence and foreign policies would have to become more self-reliant. For the RAAF, the great challenge presented by this compelling set of circumstances was to become more disciplined, better educated, and more professional – to use a flying analogy, to “go solo”.

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Book in very good condition. Minor wear to board edges
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Hard Boards with Dust Jacket
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1995 1st edition

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