Kriegies RAAF Airmen of Stalag Luft III by Kristen Alexander

Kriegies The Australian Airmen of Stalag Luft III" by Kristen Alexander
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"Kriegies: The Australian Airmen of Stalag Luft III" by Kristen Alexander is a book that provides an interesting and detailed history of how Australian aircrew managed to survive while in captivity, after being shot down and captured by the Germans during WW2. Specifically covers RAAF aircrew held in Stalag Luft III, made famous during the Second World War by the 'Great Escape'.

The book explores nearly every facet of life that Australian POW's experienced whilst held in a German captivity. The chapters range from the bonds of brotherhood as members of the RAAF, to issues of despair, sex, faith, escape, resignation, mental health, resilience, love and homecoming. The author has utilised numerous sources from official documents, medical records, logbooks, family letters and interviews with both the POW's and their families to flesh-out the story and to provide a compelling narrative of these men's lives and how they coped whilst being a Prisoner of War.

Would be of high interest to readers of bomber command, Great Escape movie enthusiasts and RAAF POW.

The Great Escape movie is many times said to be the best war movie of all time...

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