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Nakajima Ki-49 'Helen' Units of WW2 by G Eleftheriou
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The Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (呑龍, "Storm Dragon") was a twin-engine Japanese World War II heavy bomber. It was designed to carry out daylight bombing missions, without the protection of escort fighters. Consequently, while its official designation, Army Type 100 Heavy Bomber, was accurate in regard to its formidable defensive armament and armor, these features restricted the Ki-49 to payloads comparable to those of lighter medium bombers – the initial production variant could carry only 1,000 kg (2,200 lb) of bombs.

A mid-wing, cantilever monoplane of all-metal construction, the Ki-49 was one of the first Japanese aircraft fitted with a retractable tail wheel.

During World War II, it was known to the Allies by the reporting name "Helen".

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