WW2 Air Force Stories incl ChartersTowers Bomber Airfield Garbutt WW2
  • WW2 Air Force Stories incl ChartersTowers Bomber Airfield Garbutt WW2

WW2 Air Force Stories incl Charters Towers Bomber Airfield Garbutt


Winning From Downunder  by N. Tunny  new book

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Winning From Downunder

Basically the book is the culmination of the author's life study of WW2 topics which influenced Far North Queensland.

Noel was born and bred in Charters Towers (west of Townsville in Qld) during WW2. Obviously, he had a great interest in the double strip airfield at Charters Towers which become the base for 3RD BOMBARDMENT GROUP 3RD ATTACK GROUP. The USAF 3rd Attack group consisted of 8th Squadron, 13th Squadron, 89th Squadron and 90th Squadron. Around 40 pages are devoted to aspects of the 3rd Bomber Group - the base at Charters Towers, aircraft used, associated stories and their
mission locations.
Likewise, there are sections devoted to the Air Force at Garbutt Townsville, Longreach and a small mention of Mareeba, Cairns, Amberley and Archerfield. He also bios several Air Force Commanders.

These RAAF USAF sections of the book are supported with many collected WW2 Air Force pictures - bases aircraft airman etc.
Apart from Air Force considerations the book gives insights into the personalities of the senior leaders of the Allies, as revealed by their own actions and by the opinions. Some contentious topics are analysed, including what Churchill and Roosevelt might have known about the Japanese plans before Pearl Harbour, the facts behind L.B. Johnson’s WW2 visit to Australia and his receipt of a Silver Star Medal, whether or not there was a ‘Brisbane Line’ defense planned for Australia.
Amongst other topics is consideration of the various Japanese Death Marches.

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