Montgomery of Alamein Normandy WW2 book

Montgomery of Alamein Normandy WW2


Montgomery of Alamein El Alamein to the River Sangro
Normandy to the Baltic by Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein KG GCB DSO

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Montgomery's own history of the WW2 Battles that he fought and in which he commanded the 8th Army. A extremely detailed book which is the combination of Montgomery's two original books.


Field-Marshal The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein's 'El Alamein To The River Sangro; Normandy to the Baltic'. Montgomery commanded the 8th Army from 13th August 1942 until the 31st December 1943, and the 21st Army Group from 1st January 1944 until the German surrender on 5th May, 1945.

These 2 accounts (concerned with the victorious campaigns of both Armies during the periods they were under his command) were written by him shortly after the end of the war, when they were published as separate books. The texts are taken from his personal war diaries and are distinguished by his incisive style.

The whole strategy and course of these two campaigns are presented to the reader with great clarity and accuracy. There are 80 pages of 2-colour maps and diagrams. El Alamein was the turning point in the war: from that momentous battle the tide against Germany turned. During the time the Eighth Army was commanded by Monty it lost not a single action, and when Monty was transferred to Europe in December 1943, Winston Churchill wrote to him: 'The immortal march of the Eighth Army from the gates of Cairo along the African shore, through Sicily, has now carried its ever victorious soldiers far into Italy towards the gates of Rome.' In the second account: Normany to the Baltic, the Field Marshal unfolds that greater task - the planning and implementation of the greatest invasion the world has ever known - Operation Overlord.

He describes the whole plan behind D Day and the Battle of Normandy. He continues with the battle for Caen and the capture of Cherbourg, the closing of the Falaise Pocket and the crossing of the Seine - through into the Low Countries and the battle of Arnhem and the famous Battle of the Ardennes.

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