Tobruk 1941 ' by C Wilmot book
  • Tobruk 1941 ' by C Wilmot book
  • Tobruk 1941 ' by C Wilmot

Tobruk 1941 ' by C Wilmot - Siege of Tobruk


Tobruk 1941 ' by C Wilmot

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Tobruk 1941 ' written by Chester Wilmot ABC War Correspondent with the AIF in the Middle East.

First published by Angus and Robertson Sydney 1944 . Acclaimed by Rat of Tobruk veterans to be the best History of the Battle of Tobruk from an Australian perspective. Has some interesting casualty figures for the Battle and full honour /award list. Apart from this there are 348 pages of pure Australian Tobruk . Fully indexed, Order of Battle

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2007 reprint of the 1944 edition
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Stiff Card Boards Printed Laminate

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