NIXON MURDERER Vietnam War Propaganda Poster


Nixon the Murderer - Vietnam War Propaganda Poster - Reproduction

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NIXON - THE MURDERER! translated loosely in English or Murder In the Name of Nixon.

Depicts President Nixon (January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974) as a hairy beast like creature holding a blood stained bomb, with his shadow made up of skulls, and blood dripping from his mouth. The poster was devised during the early 1970's by the North Vietnam Government. When Nixon took office, about 300 American soldiers were dying each week in Vietnam. Nixon and America wanted out, but with honour, via peace negotiations. But North Vietnam resisted his attempts, so he sent in the B52's. Operation Linebacker II, sometimes referred to as the Christmas bombings, was a strategic bombing campaign conducted by the United States against targets in North Vietnam from December 18 to December 29, 1972, as part of the Vietnam War. More than 20,000 tons of ordnance was dropped on military and industrial areas in Hanoi and Haiphong and at least 1,624 civilians were killed. The operation was the final major military operation carried out by the U.S. during the conflict, and the largest bombing campaign involving heavy bombers since World War II.

During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam conveyed Ho Chi Minh's patriotic messages to the North and South Vietnamese people via propaganda posters printed on rice paper. The poster being offered are reprint copies of those original propaganda posters. They are printed on homemade rice paper which is the same as were the originals. The rice paper gives a very rustic antique true to original appearance.
Our posters are hand made in Vietnam not to be compared to ones made in western countries via high production offset presses on high grade standard paper. 

Size - 33cm x 24cm
Printed on authentic rice paper.

We post worldwide in hard cardboard tube.
If buying more than one poster at the one time the postage will be the same - to ascertain the correct postage for multiple purchases please email.

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Vietnam War Propaganda Poster Reprint - Ink on rice paper
Dimensions in mm :
330 x 240 overall measure

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