Solo Harley-Davidson Model WLA Technical Manual - WW2 USA ARMY reprint

Solo Harley-Davidson Model WLA Technical Manual - WW2 USA ARMY reprint
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Based on the civilian WL model, Harley-Davidson's WLA ("A" for "Army") motorcycle was first produced in 1940. It would remain in production through 1945, and eventually over 90,000 were delivered for use in all theaters of WWII. Like the WL, the WLA was equipped with a 45 cubic inch (740 cc) flathead high compression engine and arugged frame. Military modifications included blackout lights, fenders without traditional sides (to reduce mud clogging), an air cleaner to facilitate off-road use and easy maintenance, and a crankcase breather that enabled the fording of water obstacles.

The motorcycle typically was also equipped with leg protectors, a skid plate, leather rifle or machine gun scabbard, an ammunition box, radio or luggage rack, and a windscreen. This U.S. Army technical manual TM 9-879 was created in 1943 for the men who operated and serviced the WLA in the field. In its pages you will find a description of the motorcycle, and information regarding its use and care. Originally classified "restricted", this manual was declassified long ago and is reprinted here in its entirety. Legal disclaimer: The name "Harley-Davidson" is a trademark of H-D Michigan, LLC and the Harley Davidson Motor Co., which reserves all rights to it.


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2023 reprint of original 1943

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