M3 / M3A1 Scout Car M2 Mortar Carriage Tech Manual - WW2 USA ARMY reprint

M3 / M3A1 Scout Car and M2 Mortar Motor Carriage Technical Manual - WW2 USA ARMY reprint
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Designed and built by the White Motor Company, the M3 Scout Car saw service as a command vehicle, ambulance, gun tractor and patrol and scout vehicle during WWII. Over 21,000 were built between 1937 and 1944 - the vast majority of them the M3A1 variant, which had a longer and wider hull than the original production vehicles. Both the M3 and M3A1 had a six cylinder gas engine (a diesel variant M3A1E1 was produced for a short time), and could carry up to seven men at a top speed of 55-65 mph depending on configuration. Both had a radiator protected by an armoured shutter, and a shatter-proof windshield. The M3A1 also carried a front-mounted roller to prevent it from bogging down on muddy ground, and could carry three machine guns (two .30 calibres and one .50) on a hull-mounted skate rail. The M3A1 saw service in the Pacific, North Africa and Europe, with over 3,000 handed to the Soviet Union via lend-lease. While it performed admirably enough in the field the open top design, light armament and poor off-road characteristics led most Army units to replace it with the M8 armoured car and M20 utility car by 1944.

Originally produced in 1941, this technical manual was standard issue to M3, M3A1, and M2 crews.

During WW2 this manual was restricted, but was declassified long ago and is here reprinted in its book form.


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2023 reprint of original 1943

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