.303 Inch Machine Guns and Small Arms British WW1 1917 Publication

.303 Inch Machine Guns and Small Arms by a British Crown Publication
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This technical manual, is illustrated with instructions and illustrations how to carry out maintenance and repair; the technical drawings detail the components in each gun described. Published in May 1917 for the British Crown Ordnance College.

Nomenclature of Parts, Stripping, Assembling, Actions, Jams, Missfires, Failures and Inspection of:

1. Rifles, Short, M.L.E.

2. Rifles, Short, M.L.E., Charger Loading M.L.E.

3. Rifles, Short, M.L.E., Magazine, 303-inch, pattern 1914.

4. Pistols, Webley.

5. Guns, Maxim, 303-inch.

6. Gun, Vickers, 303-inch.

7. Gun, Lewes, 303-inch

8. Gun, Hotchkiss, 303-inch

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2015 reprint of the original WW1 1917 book

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