Australian Service Machine Guns

Australian Service Machine Guns


Australian Service Machine Guns by I Skennerton

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Australian Service Machine Guns



This book is a valuable reference which should be of interest to researchers who wish to know more about one of the most devastating weapons of 20th century warfare - the machine gun.
A highly detailed narrative explains the history, specifications, operation of each Australian machine gun.
Rare expert commentary is included throughout the book. 
The narrative is supported by a wealth of photographs depicting each machine gun and also providing samples of gun marks.

In our experience, this book has appeal to family historians wanting to know more about the weapons forebears fought with and of course arms collectors .

Ian Skinnerton is Australia's foremost historian and acknowledged military gun expert. His books and advice are sought after throughout the world especially by arm collectors.
This is your chance to obtain his well known and highly regarded books.


Guns included;
Gatling gun
Nordenfelt Five Barrel
Maxim .45
Colt Model 1895
Lewis Machine Gun
Hotchkiss 303
Vickers 303
Bren 303
Besa 7.92
Browning Aircraft Machine Gun
Browning .50
.303 MMG
Thompson .45
L2 A1
M 60
M13 4 Mini Gun
NATO Mag 58



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