Australian Military Rifles and Bayonets Skennerton

Australian Military Rifles and Bayonets Skennerton


Australian Military Rifles and Bayonets 200 years Of  by I Skennerton


200 years of Australian Military Rifles and Bayonets


This book is a valuable reference which should be of interest to researchers who wish to know more about  the Rifles and Bayonets use by Australian forces during past 200 years (book publication 1988) .
A highly detailed narrative explains the history, specifications, operation of each the rifles.
Rare expert commentary is included throughout the book. 
The narrative is supported by a wealth of photographs depicting each gun bayonet, also included are Lithgow Experimental / Phototype rifles.
A history of the Lithgow Small Arms Factory together with annexes is provided.
In our experience, this book has appeal to family historians wanting to know more about the weapons forebears fought with and of course Arms collectors.

Ian Skinnerton is Australia's foremost historian and acknowledged military gun expert. His books and advice are sought after throughout the world especially by Gun Collectors.
This is your chance to obtain his well known and highly regarded books.
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The more famous rifles included but not limited to are;

baker rifle
1939 musket
Yeomanry 1844
1842 sea service
1853 enfield
cavalry carbine
artillery carbine
calisher terry
martini henry
martini metford
martini enfield
lee enfield charger
1914 enfield mk1
sniper variant
grenade launcher
charlton nz
12 gauge riot shotgun
parker sniper
steyr f88


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