Battle Of Bellicourt Tunnel Hindenburg Line 1918 book

Battle Of Bellicourt Tunnel Hindenburg Line 1918


Battle Of Bellicourt Tunnel Tommies, Diggers and Doughboys on the Hindenburg Line 1918 by Dale Blair - new book

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This book is a concise record of the Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel which in Australia is generally covered under the Battle of Saint Quentin Canal.

During September 1918 as part of the general advance towards the German Hindenburg Line a series of victorious battles were fought by British, Australian and American forces. 

The battle was fought for the outposts of the Hindenburg Line close to the village of Bellicourt. The Americans suffered high losses, but generally the attack failed  to achieve its set objectives and it took the Australians three days of bitter fighting to reach theirs.





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