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3rd Battalion History 9 Platoon C Company AIF WW1


Platoon Commander's Notebook 1915 ' by C A Young .

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Platoon Commander's Notebook 1915 ' by C A Young .

This book would be most valuable research for anyone wanting information about the 3rd Battalion during the Gallipoli battle.

Young, the author, was given a copy of a Platoon Commander's Notebook which listed the names and details of the original members of the 3rd Battalion 9 Platoon C Company AIF just before landing at ANZAC Gallipoli 1915 .

This notebook which was compiled by CPL Frank Barlow (Commander of the Platoon )lists 66 men in the platoon. It had reference to the skills and talents of these men. Corporal Barlow was extremely thorough in recording the details of the men of 9 Platoon even to their rifle numbers.

Young set out to investigate and find out as much as he could about these men the results of which are the basis of this 317 page
Of the 55 men who landed at Gallipoli 24 lost their lives there. A further 17 casualties from Gallipoli returned to Australia and only 15 made it through to the 1918 Armistice. The Platoon Commander's Notebook only deals historically with the men enlisted in 9 Platoon for the period from August 1914 to the arrival of the first reinforcements on the 7 May 1915. But the author follows the men through their service and any details even after they returned from the war.

Details of marriage family life death dates are provided where known.
Thus forms an important Memorial to these fine young first day Landers.

Lest We Forget the 3rd Battalion Gallipoli 1915.


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