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History of the Australian 4th Division WW1 Brave Days

Brave Days The Fourth Australian Division in the Great War by J. Hatwell
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Brave Days; The Fourth Australian Division in the Great War is the first full history of the Fourth Division. The book presents a detailed narrative telling the Division's story from its formation after Gallipoli right through to a period rarely covered in Australian military history - the final weeks of the 1914-18 war and the first weeks of peace.

The book ties together the history of not only the Division's infantry, but also of the artillerymen, machine gunners, engineers, medical personnel and headquarters staff, showing how the various elements worked together through adversity to achieve the triumphs of 1918. Many of the AIF legends  were members of the 4th Division, names like Albert Jacka, Mad Harry Murray, Percy Black and the Leane Boys to name just a few.   Brave Days is both an essential reference and a compelling story of heroism and tragedy on the Western Front.

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January 2021
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