Guts Glory and Blunder Battle for Noreuil, 1917

Guts Glory and Blunder Noreuil, 1917 - The Forgotten Fight by A Faulkner
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In this book, Guts Glory and Blunder we follow the Australians to the Somme trenches and the race to the Hindenburg Line. This is a story of the 50th Battalion’s uncommon valour in its fiercest battle. How ordinary men performed superhuman feats despite a flawed plan, ‘friendly’ fire, enemy atrocities – a POW massacre and human shield tactics – and a combat mutiny. How a larrikin private was awarded a Victoria Cross for one of the most audacious stunts in the history of the medal - Jørgen Jensen, was awarded the 50th Battalion's only Victoria Cross of the war. Guts Glory and Blunder is a story of how the diggers prevailed against all odds.

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April 2024

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