Queensland Nurses from the Boer War to Vietnam new book

Queensland Nurses from the Boer War to Vietnam WW1 WW2 book


Queensland Nurses from the Boer War to Vietnam - by Rupert Goodman new book

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Queensland War Nurses


In the 1980's the author was invited by the Return Sisters Sub Branch of the RSL (Queensland) to write a history of the contribution made by Queensland Sisters in all the wars up to that time.

The author, Rupert Goodman who is a veteran from the WW2 Australian hospitals set about obtaining information that could be used as a base for his story.

He made requests through local and provincial newspapers and to his surprise was deluged with diaries, letters, statements and photographs.

Eventually this history was compiled which includes particular reference to several hundred Queensland nurses.

This book was first published in 1985 and this is the second edition printed 2017. The book has excellent detail about the World War I and World War II with smaller entries regarding the Boer War, BCOF Japan and Vietnam War. There are several lists of members names, the most comprehensive is table 5 which lists the members of the Australian Army Nursing Service who enlisted in World War II with the Queensland 'Q' service number.
While the personal stories are about Queensland nurses, the story encapsulates the Australian units in which they served. So there is much written about the life and times in Australian General Hospitals (AGH) whereever they were located. The detailed narrative is supported with a vast array of member photographs.

"A valuable research reference book for family historians and medal collectors."

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