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Pozieres - Australia suffered 23000 casualties Battleground Series
  • Pozieres - Australia suffered 23000 casualties Battleground Series
  • Pozieres - Australia suffered 23000 casualties Battleground Series

Pozieres - Australia suffered 23000 casualties Battleground Series

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Pozieres or Australians on the Somme Battleground Series ' by G. Keech. - new book

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This military book 'Pozieres' is the same as the book titled Australians on the Somme'Pozieres' by Graham Keech these part of the popular Battleground Series. Cover/title has recently changed - same book.

These books are excellent  for their historical detail which is supported by superb maps, tour guides, visitor walks,and then and now pictures. The Battleground series war Books have become very collectable. This book also covers the attack on Mouquet Farm.

Battle of Pozières was a two week struggle for the French village of Pozières and the ridge on which it stands. The Battle of Pozieres was part of the Allies advance in 1916 known as the Battle of the Somme. Though British divisions were involved in most phases of the fighting, Pozières is primarily remembered as an Australian battle.

The 1st, 2nd and 4th Australian Divisions all took part in the Battle which lasted from the 23 July 1916 - 07 August 1916. Veterans remembered Poziere's for the massive artillery barriage that took place throughout the battle but was intense on the 6/7th August after which the Germans launched their counter offensive. The bombardment on that day was said to be the worst ever endured by an Australian force in any war. A famous event occurred on the morning of the 7th August, when Australian forces were over run by the Germans. In the middle of the battleground was the Australian hero, Lieutenant Albert Jacka, who had won the Victoria Cross at Gallipoli, he emerged from a dugout where he and seven men of his platoon had been isolated, and charged the German line from the rear. His example inspired other Australians scattered across the plateau to join the action and a fierce, hand-to-hand fight developed. Jacka was badly wounded but as support arrived from the flanks, the Australians gained the advantage and most of the surviving Germans were captured. Many believe, Jacka should have received a Bar to his VC for his actions. Five Australians were awarded the Victoria Cross medal during the fighting. Within this book there is a study of each award.

The village was deemed to be won by the Allied forces when they become in possession of the ridge north and east of the village, and in a position to menace the German bastion of Thiepval from the rear. An important German strong point north-east of the village known as the Windmill was an objective for the Australians. The Windmill is now the position for the Australian Memorial.

The cost had been enormous, and in the words of Australian official historian Charles Bean, the Pozières ridge "is more densely sown with Australian sacrifice than any other place on earth."

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