Australians at the Battle of Palestine WWI ALH

Australian Palestine Campaign Light Horse WWI ALH No 7


Australia's Palestine Campaign: 1916-1918 by Jean Bou : New Book

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The Australian Light Horse Regiments formed a major force against the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East for almost three years. After the Western Front, The Palestine Campaign was Australia’s most significant military endeavour of the First World War. The Battle of Beersheba is quite well known, in part, due to the depiction of the Battle in two major movies, the last the 1987 production ' The Lighthorsemen '.
Otherwise, the Palestine Campaign receives little rememberance in Australia compared to Gallipoli and the Western Front. In contrast to the years of grinding trench warfare in France and Belgium, the Palestine Campaign was a war of relative movement and manoeuvre. The Australian Light Horse, played a prominent role in this hard fought war.
This book is part 7 of the Australian Army History Unit's Campaigns Series; comprehensive, well-researched and easy-to-read books on Australia's military conflict. Great book with wonderful detailed maps, huge detail supported with numerous photos.
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click here to see the movie "Lighthorsemen" Charge at Beersheba sequence.

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