Breaker Morant - Special  DVD
  • Breaker Morant - Special  DVD

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 The Australian Classic Boer War Movie Breaker Morant - THE BREAKER

DVD of the famous Australian Movie, ' Breaker Morant ' which depicts events in the South African Boer War, 1901. A unit of the Bushveldt Carbineers, 40% of whom were Australians, is ordered by the British High Command to the fight the Boer commandoes using guerrilla tactics. 
"The Breaker" - Lieutenant Harry Morant a charismatic roustabout had before the war made a name for himself as a hard-drinking, womanising bush poet and gained renown as a fearless and expert horseman. 
Morant had enlisted with the Second Contingent of the South Australian Mounted Rifles. After promotion to  Lieutenant he joined the Bushveldt Carbineers, in February 1901. The irregular unit was under the command of an Australian, Colonel R.W. Lenehan.
Morant's unit was very successful in eliminating roving bands of enemy commandos.

Morant avenges the death of his friend, Captain Hunt who was killed by Boer guerrillers.
The movie depiction is drawn mainly from the only surviving eyewitness source, and the 1907 book Scapegoats of the Empire by Lieutenant George Witton, one of the three Australians sentenced to death for the alleged murders and the only one to escape execution. 
One of the most acclaimed Australian war movies ever made...

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