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HISTORY OF THE 7th BRIGADE 1915 -2015 by D Belham

HISTORY OF THE 7th BRIGADE 1915 -2015 book

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HISTORY OF THE 7th BRIGADE 1915 -2015 by D Belham

The History of the 7th Brigade 1915 - 2015

The Brigade was first raised in 1915 as part of the First Australian Imperial Force and saw action at Gallipoli and on the Western Front during World War I. Following the end of the war the brigade was disbanded before being re-raised in 1921 as part of the Citizens Force (later known as the Militia). During World War II the brigade took part in the fighting against the Japanese in New Guinea and on Bougainville. Today, the 7th Brigade is part of the 1st Division and is based in Brisbane, Queensland and is composed mainly of units of the Regular Army. While the Brigade has not deployed as a whole unit since World War II, component units have deployed on operations to East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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